Cobblestone Terrace

Cobblestone Terrace is a Salvadoran cafe & retail concept shop of the MORGAN brand group. 

Specializing in small batch coffee from El Salvador and a curation of emerging designers from Hispanic, French & Italian brands, Cobblestone Terrace will showcase the best that El Salvadorian coffee has to offer alongside a shopable landscape. 

How we started...

My Salvadoran mother loved hosting intimate dinner parties or brunches with friends at our home. She would set the table with ribbons around the napkins, assorted cookies and voguish sweets, the house decorated with care and her dress would always be incredibly chic. You could often find her in a pair of pointy flats with her signature pearls.

There was a formality and etiquette to the informal essence of it all, no sit down dinner courses or hired help and it never felt over the top, just a conscious decision to make sure she brought together close friends and acquaintances. 

She always hosted at our home on Cobblestone terrace..

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